Admin Supervisor

Job description

  • the proper implementation of administrative regulations, instructions and by-laws
  • Implementing Disciplinary regulations, Investigating Employees’ Offenses and Referring them to the Disciplinary Committee
  • Verifying Contracts, Severance, Attendance, Overtime, Hiring, and all the Employee-related processes.
  • Moving alongside the organizations strategies and improving administrative processes
  • Managing Supplementary insurance and social security insurance related processes
  • Being responsive to the reports and presented KPI’s

  • Being responsive about assigned task results

  • Being responsible about being aware & protecting direct reports from work-place risks and hazards


  • Proficiency in social security regulations

  • Fluent in Donya-ye Pardazesh (PW Kara)
  • Ability to Work in Hamkaran System
  • Proficiency in Contracts Affairs

  • Archiving Principles Knowledge Proficiency

  • Proficiency in Attendance and Salary related Software

  • Ability to rapidly detect problems and obstacles

  • Enthusiastic for learning and self-development

  • English Proficiency
  • Time Management