Business Data Analyst

Job description

Here we work at the intersection of the business and technology. We try to give insight to the management team at the commercial department to decide wisely based on data. Our job is to deliver on-demand and routine reports along with analysis to whom it may be helpful. We use different data sources to prepare reports and dashboards and define business KPIs. We try to support the commercial side of business with a relentless and hardworking attitude.

If you are passionate about data and solving business problems, and you also have good analytical skills you may be a good fit for our team. We will welcome you in case you want to join a warm team crazy about data and its applications.


Required Hard Skills

  • Having Good Knowledge of Data Modeling
  • Having Proficiency in Python and PyData tools (Pandas, Numpy, matplotlib, ..)
  • Being Acquaintance with SQL query language
  • Having Good Mathematical and Statistical Understanding
  • Preferred Skills
    • Being a Hands-On with Python
    • Having Proficiency in MS Excel
    • Having Good Knowledge of PowerBI, DAX, and MDX
    Preferred Soft Skills
    • Being Able to Communicate Effectively with Business Stakeholders
    • Being Able to Work within a Team
    • Being Able to Manage Multiple Tasks and Deliver In time
    • Being Passionate about Task Quality
    • Being Eager to Learn New Concepts
    • Being Able to Work Under Pressure with Strict Deadlines