Contact Center Supervisor

Job description

A Call Center Supervisor plays a key role in customer service as he/she communicates with both our internal and external customers and can coach and motivate call center agents as they field calls from customer and to maximize their performance. They must be excellent multi- taskers, combining the ability to manage and coach agents, handle challenging customers, readily shift priorities, prepare management reports, and lead call center initiatives while ensuring that service level and quality objectives are achieved.

  • Interviewing, Hiring, training, and preparing call center representatives to respond to customer questions and complaints and troubleshoot problems with services or products.
  • Ensuring agents understand and comply with all call center objectives, performance standards, and policies.
  • Answering agent questions regarding best practices or difficult calls.
  • Talking to unhappy/angry customers who complain of agents or services and need more help.
  • Identifying operational issues and suggesting possible improvements.
  • Preparing reports and analyzing data to assist management as they determine call center goals.
  • Working with other supervisors and management team members to support agents and maximize customer satisfaction.
  • Hire and onboard new employees.
  • Measure performance of agents and give effective feedback and help them to improve.
  • Ensure adherence to policies for attendance and established procedures.
  • Meet monthly contact center performance goals for customer satisfaction, quality, productivity and key performance metrics.
  • Taking care of service level and promise to achieve defined KPIs.
    • Monitor agents’ performance and provide feedback's and ensure all the KPIs are being achieved.
    • Coordination between other supervisors and departments.
    • Providing required reports and use them to improve service level.


    •  Education/Certification: Bachelor degree or above.
    • Age required: <35 years’ old.
    • Experience required: Call center, customer service, and at least 1 years of team head experience.
    • Skills/Abilities:
    • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
    • Ability to work well under pressure.
    • - Ability to use a personal computer and related software applications including Microsoft Word or Excel.
    • Ability to coach, train, and motivate employees and evaluate their performance.
    • Excellent problem solving, leadership, teamwork and customer service skills.
    • Language Ability:
    • Ability to read and write official and academic comments and understand customer service related expressions well
    •  Physical requirements:
    • Eye safety in order to work 7 hours a day with computer
    • Back safety in order to sit at a working desk at least 7 hours a day
    • Ear Safety in order to work with headset at least 7 hours a day