Dark Store Supervisor

Job description

- Organize and lead the teams to maintain KPIs and results.
- Coordinate, control and coach the activities of the staff based on organization values.
- Monitor KPIs time to time and feedback to staff to manage their performance.
- Ensure the department scalability in order to achieve the planned targets.
- Ensure the dark store standards and policies are functional in their area.
- Plan, manage and balance resources to ensure the staff can work without wastes and problems.
- Manage HR activities (Hire, induct, train, coach, motivate, feed information, resolve conflicts and complaints, terminate).


- Decision-making, problem-solving and analytical skills.
- Computer skills, including proficiency in use of Excel & MS Word.
- 5 years of related experience.
- Planning & inventory management skills.
- Excellent knowledge of customer experience.
- Ability to prioritize and operate under pressure