Senior Customer Experience Specialist

Job description

To assess customer’s journey from pre-purchase to post-purchase with a 360 degree view and ensure a world-class customer experience with establishing channels of customers feedback, monitoring the feedback, understanding customer/business gaps, customers pain points and improvement areas, and with help of business stakeholders, define action plans and assess the results of taken action with setting to the point metrics (input/output KPIs). Ultimate goal of this role is to build brand loyalty and affinity for current customers.


Key Accountabilities

- Assessment of current customer experience via mapping customer journey and defining customer related KPIs

- Analyzing reports and other function data and propose and initiate projects based on them

- Constant monitoring of impact points on business side (focus area might include some business departments, e.g. Logistics, Fulfillment Center, Commercial, Finance, etc. and not all)

- To initiate experience improvement plan in a cross-functional and multi tasked environment

- Assessing outcome of tasks and projects to make sure high NPS, C.Sat and customer loyalty.

- Understanding main KR/KPIs of the role and constantly improving them.

- Proactive approach in recognizing customer experience gaps and efficient communication to increase sense of urgency among     stakeholders.

- Perfect understanding of working with data and preparing data driven analysis for higher levels of decision making


    Minimum academic and professional qualifications:
    Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in the areas of: Management, Finance/Economic, Marketing, Computer science, etc.
    Full understanding of CX KPIs
    CS overview
    Experience in Business analysis, CS, Marketing or R&D in needed.
    Understanding main KR/KPIs of the role and constantly improving them.
    To have 360-degree view and to persuade staff from other teams to be customer centric, while them having different, even opposite goals/KPIs.